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Aluminum Lay In Lugs Connectors

Aluminium Lay in lugs Connectors  Aluminium Lay in lugs

Aluminium Lay-in Lugs and Aluminum lay in connectors  are  (Solar Panel Grounding Lugs) produced from high quality  6061-T6 Aluminium alloy. Electro tin-plated, Provide maximum conductivity, strength and ensures reliability.

Side entrance design permits the quick installation of one continuous conductor as a jumper to multiple locations without a break in the conductor This Aluminum lay in lug/ grounding lug is an excellent choice for use on grounding conductors.

  1. Allows a swift and easy installation
  2. Aluminum lugs lay in lugs used to bond wires and surfaces in grounding applications
  3. Heavy duty Screws on each Aluminum Lay in Lug


Size of Aluminum lay in Lugs Wire Size/Conductor size
EA50  #4- #14
EA70 #2 – #14
EA100 0/8 – 1/0
 EA125  #2/0 – #14
EA250 6-250 MCM