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Welcome to the website of Electrical Accessories India, We are one of the India’s biggest manufacturers and exporters of Brass and Copper Electrical Accessories, Conduit Fittings , Cable Glands, Bronze Grounding Clamps, Brass Terminals, Aluminium Cable Glands, Copper Cable Lugs, Copper Bolted Lugs, Lay in Lugs, Brass and Copper Battery Terminals, Brass Connectors, Neutral Links/Terminal Bars etc.


From a small company in Jamnagar India which started 30 years back we have grown from strength to strength and haveachieved new pinnacles of growth in the industry of non ferrous metal electrical components and accessories. Our team of skilled engineers has vast experience and hands on knowledge of developing custom made Brass, Copper and Aluminium components for the electrical industry.

 Electrical Accessories India brass parts copper parts

We are one of the India’s biggest manufacturers and exporters of-
• Brass and Copper Electrical Accessories
• Conduit Fittings
• Cable Glands
• Grounding Clamps
• Brass Terminals
• Aluminium Cable Glands
• Copper Cable Lugs ,Bolted Lugs, Lay in Lugs
• Brass and Copper Battery Terminals
• Brass/Bronze Connectors
• Neutral Links/Terminal Bars etc.
• Transformer Connectors

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