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Brass Panel Nuts

Panel Nut is nut with a large hole but at the same time is pretty thin. It is used in mounting threaded electrical switches. The width of the panel nut is generally close to the diameter of the fastener they secure. They also tend to have a low thread count. Panel nuts are used in potentiometer control, light weight lock nut and switch hardware. They deliver a cheaper solution to screw machine nuts. They are generally found in Brass, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

Brass Panel Nuts Brass Panel Nuts Brass Panel Nuts

Our range of Brass Panel Nuts, Brass Jam Nuts, Locking Nuts, Lock Nuts are machined from high quality Brass Copper and Stainless Steel. Our range of Brass Panel Nuts, Metric Panel Nuts is exported to 32 countries.

They are of two types : –
• Hexagonal panel nut.
• Knurled round panel nut.